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RER A Schedule Timetable

The Paris and Euro Disney train schedule, i.e the RER A train line, can be found at Paris by Train.

The RER A train travels West to East across Paris, connecting the financial district to the shopping district (Galeries Lafayette) to Gare de Lyon, to the eastern terminus of train line to Euro Disney / Marne La Vallee.

When taking the RER A to Euro Disneyland or refering to the printed schedules, remember that the direction you want is Marne La Vallee — Chessy.  On some train line panels, the name Boissy–St-Leger may be shown as well.

RER B Schedule

To download a schedule of trains running from Charles de Gaulle Airport to central Paris, see the RER B Timetables article at Paris by Train.

The RER B train schedules are separated into two files by direction, southbound leaving CDG Airport would be in direction Antony, Robinson, St-Remy-les-Chevreuse.  Going to CDG Airport from Paris (northbound), would be direction Mitry-Claye, Aeroport Charles de Gaulle. Be sure to download the correct schedule.

You may also want to refer to the instructions on how to read the RER train schedule sheet, which can be overwhelming at first glance.

Paris Metro Map

Download and print a Compact Paris Metro map and you’ll be ready to navigate the Paris subways like a local.

This map is not available from Paris Metro ticket windows so you’re best option is to simply print it yourself and bring it with you before you arrive in Paris.  With 14 different subway lines plus 2 secondary “bis” lines traversing the city centre with 300 Metro stations, things can get confusing.

This map will definitely help you find your way.