Paris to Chateau Fontainebleau by Train

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Paris to Fontainebleau by train takes about 40 minutes.

The first step is finding the schedule for Paris to Fontainebleau trains. Trains leave from Gare de Lyon station in Paris, going to destination city Fontainebleau, depart with a frequency ranging from 20 minutes apart during rush hour to 1 hour 30 minutes apart during quiet periods of mid-morning, mid-afternoon and late at night

At the ticket window, simply ask for “Fontainebleau Aller-Rétour” [fawn-tan-blow alleh-ray-tour]. You’ll get two tickets, one for each direction, for about €15,20. You’ll have to pay by cash unless you happen to have a smart-card / Euro credit card. North American credit cards will most likely not work at any SNCF ticket window nor ticket vending machine, so keep some cash handy.

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